About Us

Transformation Central Texas STEM Center is a partnership between Education Service Centers, Region 13 (Austin) and Region 20 (San Antonio). Transformation Central serves central Texas and El Paso T-STEM Academies and other schools focusing on innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) instruction. Such a partnership allows you to take a different look at the development and innovation points in the field of science, which you can learn more about order essay online in this way https://order-essays.com and the Transformation Central Texas STEM Center are engaged in improving the development of the educational process.

The goals of Transformation Central are to:

-Align high school, postsecondary education, and economic development activities across the areas of STEM and the broader high school curriculum;

-Lead the transformation of teaching methods, teacher preparation, and instruction in science, technology, engineering, and math in the areas of high need across the state;

-Demonstrate how the implementation of T-STEM teaching and learning increases the number of Texas high school students from diverse backgrounds graduating prepared to succeed in postsecondary study and careers in STEM-related fields; 

-Train administrators, principals, and teachers in effective leadership strategies for supporting T-STEM instruction in secondary schools; 

-Disseminate promising practices and research-based strategies for integrated STEM teaching and learning to all high schools; and 

-Ultimately prepare Texas students for rewarding careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.


Our Vision and Mission

Transformation Central’s Vision Statement

Transformation Central will provide the highest quality professional development, curriculum, and outreach programs emphasizing hands-on problem-based learning to create superior STEM students.

Transformation Central Mission Statement

Transformation Central strives to improve student achievement outcomes in math and science as determined by state and national standards in all demographic groups, specifically historically under-represented populations.

This initiative is a component of Educate Texas. Educate Texas has been nationally recognized for tapping into a bold, new brand of teamwork with significantly greater potential to create meaningful change for Texas students. By strategically connecting the diverse groups committed to this cause — from legislators and funders to business and civic groups to school administrators and teachers — Educate Texas is leveraging the power of collaboration, bringing together resources and expertise. It’s a unique approach. And it’s already generating remarkable results for Texas.

Educate Texas’ Four Key Impact Areas:

    • College-Ready Standards and Practices – Promoting and supporting college-ready standards and practices throughout Texas schools.
    • Postsecondary Access and Success – Championing policies and programs that increase postsecondary access, success and completion for all Texas students.
    • Human Capital Strategies – Advancing innovative human capital strategies to attract and retain top-quality teachers, principals and superintendents.
    • Collective Impact – Developing concrete action plans that align regional K-12, higher education and workforce needs to achieve common outcomes.