Conferences and Presentations

Transformation 2013 may be in a area near you soon! Below is a list of upcoming presentations. If you think you want to participate in the conference, but you don't have internal resources, you find it difficult to find the necessary sources and materials, or you have problems with the format, you can contact for help. Professional Development offerings can be viewed here.

March 24- 26, 2011 ITEEA Conference Minneapolis, MN
November 2, 2009 HACU Conference Fall 2009 Orlando, FL
March 2009 NSTA New Orleans, LA
February 2009 TCEA Conference (2 sessions) Austin, Texas
January 21-22, 2009 STEM Best Practices Conference South Padre Island, Texas
November 11-12, 2008 Texas High School Project Conference Austin, Texas
November 6-8, 2008 CAST (3 sessions) Ft. Worth, Texas
September 11-13, 2008

Accepting the STEM Challenge:
Preparing K-16 Students for Global Competitiveness in the 21st Century Conference

Atlanta, Georgia
September 10, 2008 T-STEM Cycle 4 Technical Assistance (presentation posted) Austin, Texas
July 21-25, 2008 Title II Non-Public Conference San Antonio, Texas
July 14, 2008 T-STEM Conference (presentation posted) Denver, Colorado
July 10, 2008 Texas Regional Collaborative Conference Austin, Texas
June 24, 2008 LEP Symposium (presentation materials posted) Dallas, Texas
May 8, 2008 Beaker Buddies San Antonio, Texas
May 7, 2008 Product/Services Showcase San Antonio, Texas

In the News

San Antonio Business Journal
Focuses on STEM academies in San Antonio and Transformation 2013's Julie Webb spoke with the author on STEM education.

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