National Instruments Equipment Donation

Transformation 2013 is proud to partner with National Instuments to assist with the distribution of NI donated equipment to 35 T-STEM Academies.

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After attending training from a T-STEM Center or other provider, Academies leaders may request equipment by selecting the appropriate link below. Each Academy is eligible for 1 set of EACH of the categories of equipment. Upon submission, each application will be reviewed to ensure training requirements have been met, Academy Leaders will be notified of the donation status.

Request Link
Category 1


Students learn to build and program their own robots using graphical programing.

Engages students in engineering and robotics.

Click here for additional details.

(approximate value $3060 per Academy)

Donation includes:

10 Education NXT base sets

5 Resource sets

1 Education NXT software site license


Click here to request the Lego MINDSTORMS/NXT donation.

Category 2


Multi data-acquisition interface usable for a variety of STEM projects

Works with over 50 Vernier sensors and LabVIEW software

Click here for additional details.

(approximate value $1890 per Academy)

Donation includes:

10 SensorDAQS

Click here to request SensorDAQ donation

Category 3

LabVIEW High School Edition

Intuitive graphical programing softward for hands-on STEM education.

Acquire, analyze and present data for hands-on experiments

Prepare college-bound students for introductory engineering courses


Click here for additional details.

(approximate value $1549 per Academy

Donation includes:

25 seat classroom license

Click here to request LabVIEW High School Edition donation.

National Instruments

National Instruments (NI) is a technology pioneer and industry leader in virtual instrumentation – a revolutionary design and development approach that has changed the way engineers and scientists create automated measurement, control and test systems for the past 30 years.  Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NI has more than 3,800 employees and direct operations in nearly 40 countries.  For the past seven years, FORTUNE magazine has named NI one of the 100 best companies to work for in America.
NI is committed to enhancing STEM education worldwide by providing educators and students with software and hardware that connect curriculum and concepts with the real world. The integration of LabVIEW in the classroom creates an effective and dynamic learning environment – from LEGO MINDSTORMS in primary schools to LabVIEW in high school science classes and university laboratories.

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