2008 STEM Best Practices Conference
February 28, 2008

The STEM Best Practices Conference was held February 28, 2008 in Austin, Texas. Educators from across the state, including STEM campuses and non-STEM campuses came together for a day of learning, networking and sharing. If you want to participate in the conference, you should prepare not only a paper, with an abstract and main theses, but also a self-presentation, for this you should contact letter writing services, so that, firstly, you are allowed to the conference, secondly, to introduce scientists and listeners with you. 

Presentations from the day are linked below. Check this site frequently for updates.

STEM Best Practices Conference Program

Keynote Speakers
Jan Morrison
The Emerging Community of STEM
Yvonne Spicer
Raising the Bar: K-12 STEM Education
Micah Sagebiel
STEM Update
Manor NTHS


Breakout Session 1
Lorraine Bratcher
Melissa Gossett
Mandy Biggers
A Strategy for Building Success
Rick Garcia
Secret Way to Functions
Caroline Chromey
How to Grow a System
Janice Trinidad
Pedro Merced
Integrating Math and Science in a Problem Based Learning Environment
Betty Justus
Using LEGO in Your Robotics Classroom (large file)


Breakout Session 2
David Culp
Crash Test Dummies: A Project Based Approach to Teaching Conservation of Motion
Craig Gutierrez
Technology Vertical Alignment and Desktop Publishing Strategies
Rita Vasak
Derailing the Geek Track: Attracting, Engaging and Retaining Non-traditional Computer Science Students.
Portia Butler
April Moon
Creating a Collaborative Environment in Schools
Cahtleen Whillock

Employability Skills: Teaching Professional Skills for Life

Claudia Gutierrez
STEM Resources to Enhance your Classroom


Breakout Session 3
Teresa Megahan
Hit the Ground Running: Technology from Day One to Day 180
Mary Mobley
Michael Chambers
Bourne to be Wild
Gustavo Perez
Math, Science, Technology Best Practices and STEM Labs
Debbie Crinzi
Iris Burnham
Behavior Management Skill Based Discipline
Megan Sanders
Jessica Thomas
Nadrishah Velasquez
Project Based Integrated Curriculum
Cassandra Ricks
Julianne Webb
The Engineering Design Process in Your Classroom

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