Algebra I

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Theme Design Challenge Title Abstract CSCOPE Alignment Targeted TEKS
Study of Functions The "Ins and Outs" of Functions In this design challenge, students will learn the foundations for functions. They will also write and solve word problems involving functions. 1st Six Weeks A.1A,B,C,D,E
Linear Equations & Inequalities

Investigating Linear Functions
Make That Prediction In this design challenge, students will reinforce their skills at writing equations of lines and use those skills to find trend lines so they can make predictions. This challenge also reinforces scatterplots and correlation. 2nd Six Weeks A.1A,B,C,D,E A.2C,D A.3A,B A.5A, A.6B,D,F
Linear Functions & Applications Becoming Sherlock During this design challenge, students will develop an educational game targeting solving one-step and multi-step equations, as well as problems involving proportions. 3rd Six Weeks A.1C,D A.3A, A.4A,B A.5C,
A.6G, A.7A,B,C
Systems of Linear Equations When Paths Meet In this design challenge, students will learn to solve systems of equations graphically, analytically, and with tables. They will also produce a set of their own systems of equations modeling a real-life situation. 3rd Six Weeks A.6A,D A.8A,B,C
Quadratic Functions Quadratics Galore As students move into quadratic equations, there are much more vocabulary and techniques to be learned involving solving equations. This PBL unit is designed to make the experience meaningful and present students with various ways to use quadratic functions. It also relates the new concepts with previously learned concepts. 4th Six Week A.1A, A.2A,B, A.3A, A.4A,C, A.9A,B,C,D, A.10A, B
Quadratic Equations & Applications Solving Quadratics in Four Easy Ways This PBL introduces the quadratic formula as a way to solve quadratic equations in a creative way and allows for practice in use of the formula. 5th Six Weeks A.1A, A.2B, A.3A, A.4A, A.9A,D, A.10A, B
Inverse Variations

Exponential Functions

"Powerful" Stuff Exponential notation and working with polynomial functions is a very difficult concept to make relevant and interesting to the Algebra I student. This PBL unit will supply practice and relevancy so the student can continue with quadratic factoring and application problems. 6th Six Weeks A.1B,C,D,E A.4A,B A.11A,C