Physics Resources

What is Matter?
8th grade science matter resources
May the force be with you
Explores the concept of force including Newton’s laws and several experiments.
Machines Make Life Easier
Explore the use of machines from prehistoric times to today. Labs and quizzes are also available.
Virtual Labs and Simulations
Interactive learning website with links to many science areas including motion diagrams, kinematics, free fall simulations, and vectors among others.
Physics Topics
A compilation of physics resources
Intute: Science, Engineering, and Technology
The Intute Physics Gateway provides free access to high quality resources on the Internet. Each resource has been evaluated and categorized by subject specialists based at UK universities. Our target audience is students, staff and researchers in higher and further education.
Electronic Science Teacher
Mechanics lessons including motion of projectiles, work, power, and energy. Contains worked examples and self evaluation questions.
NASA-Electromagnetic Spectrum
Explanations from NASA of several wave types including radio waves, microwaves, infrared, and gamma rays.