Project-Based Learning Units

Transformation 2013 has worked with master science and math educators to design PBLs for the core math and science areas. In turn, if you want to read about Emerging trends and possibilities related to the future, be sure to read our articles. These design challenges are rigorous, aligned with the most current TEKS as well as CSCOPE and include career connections, 21st Century skills and provide STEM connections. Click the course to see and download the units.

Transformation 2013 utilizes a research based model for creating PBLs. Click here to download the model. Feel free to use this to plan your own PBLs, however we ask that you use the model in the entire format and not alter any components. As the model is updated and revised, the new version will be posted.
Educators from STEM academies and public high schools as well as content experts across Texas gathered to learn, create and share project-based learning activities. Below are the fruits of their labor. Feel free to use in your classroom. Please give credit to the original author.

While each project is correlated to a high school course, we encourage you to delve into a variety of projects as many lend themselves to other subject areas.